The Black Angels’ “Passover” passes the 10th year mark


the Black Angels are descending

Today marks the 10 year anniversary of  Passover, the debut record of the Black Angels. Formed in the renowned musical haven of Austin, Texas, the Black Angels were formed by hard-hitting drummer Stephanie Bailey, drone-machine operator Jennifer Raines, vocalist/bassist Alex Maas and the twin guitars of Christian Bland and Nate Ryan.

Since their mid 00’s inception, the Black Angels have crafted four albums of reverb-soaked genius; Alex Maas, Stephanie Bailey, Christian Bland and Kyle Hunt continue to set the contemporary neo-psychdeleic standard. Beyond an enduring musical catalogue, the Black Angels continue their atmopsheric and attitutudal experiments with rewarding side projects and collaborations with promising up and coming psychedelic artists.

Back in 2008, the Black Angels started a local psychedelic music festival called Austin Psych Fest. Over the following 8 years, the festival has grown into the Levitation Festival, Levitation has blossomed into the sister festivals in the French countryside, downtown Chicago and Vancouver‘s stunningly beautiful Stanley Park.

On it’s tenth birthday, Passover continues to grow as fan favourite, critical and commercial success. Passover is an enduring, reverb-soaked masterpiece and modern classic in every sense.

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