Introducing: the Orange Kyte

The Orange Kyte, a luscious Vancouver BC based four piece play a fun, full bodied style of psychedelic rock that brightly soars.  Bridging the gap between the dance floor and outer-space, the Orange Kyte have cleverly devised a sound that is both succulent and experimental.

the Orange Kyte (15 of 15)
The Orange Kyte @ Levitation Vancouver, 2016.

Made up of singer/guitarist Stevie Moonboots and bassist Robin Schroffel (who also comprise half of the throwback ’60s garage project Strange Things), the Orange Kyte are rounded out by the erie organ Mat Durie and pounding percussion of Dave Mulvaney.

Built around the ambitious aim of releasing an internet single ever month, the Orange Kyte make use of classic elements of classic psychedelia while firmly looking to the future.

Check out photos of the Orange Kyte from the 2016 LEVITATION VANCOUVER festival at the Cobalt Cabaret.



Check out more music through Bandcamp at:

Words & Pictures by David Lacroix.

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