Wheelies Lot Party: Roy’s Bag/ Thee Magic Circle/ Bored Decor / Miffed Neighbours – Victoria, BC – 08/26/17.

TMC wheelies band (5 of 5)

As a city, Victoria, British Columbia is no stranger to DIY scene. Curated by local Holy Smokes, the Wheelies Lot Party was a nothing other than a well-attended chilled, out good time. With a non-obstructive neighbourhood, onsite barbecue and affordable bar, Wheelies is an endearing drinking-hole that bears a vibe befitting of Austin, Texas. As established local festivals such as Rifflandia become more and more mainstream, smaller start up festivals and shindigs are setting up to offer a cheaper, more fun alternative.  Proving by example, the Wheelies Lot Party showed that that a well-conducted party can beat bigger festies, not only on the cost of the ticket, in the experience itself.

Roy’s Bag (Tofino)


Thee Magic Circle (Vancouver)


Bored Decor (Vancouver)


Miffed Neighbours (Victoria)


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