In Memory of Marty Balin, 1942-2018.

“Marty Balin” Artwork by Marie Ingouf.

Respects to Marty Balin, co-founder of the pioneer psychedelic rock group Jefferson Airplane, who passed away yesterday. Balin’s passionate and overtly romantic songwriting and singing significantly shaped the San Francisco psychedelic sound of the mid ’60s which made the Bay area world famous.

Balin wrote or contributed to many of Jefferson Airplane’s most iconic anthems such as “It’s No Secret,” “Young Girl Sunday Blues” and “Volunteers” and later penned the Jefferson Starship hits “Caroline” and “Miracles”. Though many artists of the fruitful ’60s period ultimately succumbed to excesses of drugs, money and ego, Balin provided stability and a spiritual glue for Jefferson Airplane, as admitted by the band after his departure from the group.

When asked about Marty Balin’s character,  Dennis Keefe,  who toured  with Jefferson Airplane era from 1968 on as an assistant to Light Show artist Glen McKay, had a quick and decided response. “Marty is gold,” said Keefe. “He’s the real deal.”

Mr. Balin was one of the great musical minds of the 1960’s era who provided the voice and spirt for some of the most iconic ideas as a voice of counter-culture and psychedelic rock and roll pioneer. Peace to Marty.



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